4 Tech Careers with highest Potential

Career in Tech is booming and this decade is turning into the transitional decade in technology. The development of AI and many other software developments are taking place in this decade. Last decade was the decade of social media development. The most powerful tech giants are social media companies and these companies has started observing downfall so they are trying to blend the flavor of AI, VR, AR and Multiverse. All these will require manpower and the skilled manpower will be valued highly. So, these are the 4 most potential tech careers.

Data scientist

A data scientist is a person who uses data to understand and explain each and every occurrence around them and support institutes and organizations to make better decisions. With the rise in technology and the Giants valuing with Data the demand of Data Scientists has rose in the market.

In order to become a data scientist, one have to obtain mathematics, statistics, and programming knowledge. Data scientist have to face with challenging missions and have to update himself with the new technologies the fastest.

Data scientist in an average can earn $150,000 to $200,000 annually. A person with Bachelor’s degree in data science, computer science and mathematics can pursue career in data science. Data scientist are supposed to get lots of career option even in the coming days ahead.

Web Developer


Web developers these days are earning tons of money and are highly valued in job market. This can also be a career to take on. The person in this profession are the programmer who are capable to develop World Wide Web applications. Typically there are three types of web development: back-end web development, frontend web development and full stack web development.

In average web developers earn around $81,448 annually in USA. The earning will only keep on rising in the years to come as the demand of these professionals is estimated to grow rapidly.

In order to become web developer one need to have an associate or bachelor’s degree in web design, graphic arts or digital design.

Software Developer(Tech)

Software developer is one of the most in demand job in the current tech market and the demand of these tech professionals is expected to sky rocket in this decade. software developers are responsible for designing and building computer programs and software.

A software developer in average makes around $120,730 in average in US. Software developer is one of the most in demand job in the current job market. In order to become a Software Developer one need a bachelor’s degree in software engineering. Other with associated degree in related field can also get into this.

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Mobile App Developer

Mobile app developer are also among the tech professionals who are payed high for the services they deliver. The average salary of a mobile app developer is $100,000 annually. These professionals are appreciated a lot in the tech market and their demand is increasing every year.

In order to become an Mobile App developer one need a degree in computer science or any other related degree. You need coding skill and Problem-solving skill.

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