Top 4 Technology Trends for 2023


Technology and technological advancement has been constantly running for many decades. Each year there are lots of tech trends that influence the tech world. These days tech advancement and tech discoveries reach the people faster than ever. People throughout the world can get the excess to new tech gadgets and softwares really quick these days. As today’s world is influenced most by tech and technology companies are the one generating most job opportunity, so, Khukuritech‘s team researched the top four tech trends of 2023.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

AI got to attract people from last decade mostly majority thought AI as physical robots, as the movies and the social media had pictured AI among the people. But now the people have got a better idea about AI after the launch of Chat GPT and Google Bard. Till last year people use to think of Robots when they heard the word AI but now the concept has changed even among the normal social media users. The biggest tech companies have now got into the AI race.

AI seems to make the major changes and effects in the nearest future. Many predicted AI to replace and take away the blue collar jobs but now the AI have shown the direct and the initial sign that White collar jobs are also not that hard for AI to replace. Chat Gpt seems to get highly popular among the people really quick.

AI always has been portraited as the one that will take away all the jobs and will be the one responsible will cause economic crisis. All these Propagandas are partially true. We as well agree that AI will replace lots of jobs but the less spoken fact is that it will create other related jobs as well. So, AI will change the job market and the person who can update themselves with new tech trends and updates will never be jobless.

AI sector has the potential to boost these jobs the highest:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Research Scientist (AI)
  • Architect (AI)
  • Engineer (AI)
  • Robotics Trainer

3D Printing

technology trends

3D Printing is also getting widely popular, the concept and prototypes of 3D printers are available in market as well. Those printers have reflected the potential of 3D printing and their power. 3D printers are among the tech products which will for sure stay among us for a long time. These machines are yet to get advancement and AI touch. This technology can create its impact and assist many sectors i.e. Aviation and aerospace, Health Care, Machine and systems engineering, Automobiles etc.. 3D printing can assist these sectors and companies in this sector to prepare prototypes. In the near future it may even create the original products as per the design inserted by the owner or the software(AI).

So, In order to make career out of 3D printing these are the careers you can choose:

  • AI Engineering
  • 3D Printing Engineering
  • 3D mechanic
  • 3D printing Artist
  • 3D printers body part designer
  • Space Architect
  • 3D chef

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer generated artificial environment with scenes and objects that appear to be like real, which makes the users feel like that they are living the moment and the virtual world is blended with the real world. Big tech companies are investing loads of money in this sector. Those companies are building related products and spending cash on research and development in this sector. On June 2023 Apple announced the Apple Vision Pro at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, with availability scheduled for early 2024 in the United States and later that year internationally.

Tech giants other than Apple are also diving into this field . This technology is a futuristic technology and will be a part of human life in future ahead. So, These are the careers you can built in this sector:

  • Design Engineer
  • AR/VR Maintenance and Support
  • VR Software engineer
  • Operating System Engineer
  • VR/AR Sound Engineer


The next tech trend in the market is 5G, We all are enjoying 3G, 4G these days and feel it to be fast but the upcoming 5G will be the gamechanger. It will be way more faster than we can expect. Speed of 5g will be mind blowing and it will for sure change the way of using Internet. 5G is one of the competition of the most powerful countries in the world. Not only big tech giants but the most powerful countries are competing for it. As it will for sure help to boost the GDP of that country. These are the career in this sector:

  • 5G Infrastructure Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Radio Frequency Engineering
  • Network Engineering

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