Best Smartphone of 2023 so far

We are all using and listening the new and new smartphones day by day with different features with many pros and cons. Some phones are absolute best with a lot of pros but some minor cons. For example some phone may have good cameras, battery life or maybe display quality but do not have nice processor to handle big games like PUBG. So, we have made easy for you guys, Team Khukuritech have done our own research and list out some of the best smartphone till Aug 2023.

The top phone mentioned might not be perfect for everyone, so it’s a good idea to consider all ten phones listed. The best phone for you depends on what you care about the most, like the camera, battery life, design, specs, price, and more.

You’ll see top brands like Samsung and Apple here, but also check out other Android options like OnePlus, Google, Oppo, and Xiaomi. Your perfect phone is out there, and these options all offer something unique. It’s like a friendly competition, pushing each brand to make better phones for all users!

Best Smartphones 2023

Google pixel 7- best phone for all users.

Image Source- google | Image by – Digital Trends
Best Value for moneyNo fast charging
Best time of all timeFace id issue
90Hz display screen
Easy to use google optimized OS

Our team thinks this is the best smartphone for all the android lover users. This is the best smartphone of pixel all time with the price of $599/£599/€649 with incredible premium features speaking franking.

The cost of this phone is less than any Iphone 14 or Samsung s23 series model, offers you lovely and silky 6.3in 90Hz OLED display, bright and customizable Android 13 software, a premium glass finish with wireless charging and amazingly good main and ultrawide cameras on the back. Rear cameras are at the top because it clicks top notch photos that is available in the market till date with stunning photos whatever you point it at thanks to the 50Mp sensor and Google’s top level photo processing.

You’ll also enjoy cool software features like the Magic Eraser, which lets you remove unwanted people or objects from your photos. There are other exclusive Pixel features too, like call screening and a call holding feature that saves you from waiting on hold for a long time when dealing with businesses. Just remember, some of these call perks are only available in the US.

If you want bigger screen, better battery life and many more features. This Pixel phone is made for you.

Iphone 14 pro- Best apple phone till date

Image from- Google | Image by- AppleInsider
Dynamic island is coolestNo fast charging
First iPhone with always-on displayBattery life same as 13 Pro
120Hz display screenPrice is expensive in UK
Phenomenal cameras

The regular iphone 14 is similar to iphone 13. We can barely see (by our naked eyes ) any changes in these two phones except processors.

Apple has made a smart change to its well-known screen notch, reshaping it into a pill and putting it below the top bezel. The empty space is filled with black pixels, and notifications and updates from apps now come from this area. This clever design uses the cutouts usually meant for cameras on phone screens. This way, you can constantly see things like music playing, timers, weather, and more at the top of your screen without needing to open the app.

The phone’s cameras are really impressive too. It features a 48MP sensor, a first for iPhones, which allows for a 2x zoom crop alongside the 3x telephoto lens and a capable ultrawide lens. Apple has also introduced an always-on display, which dims your lock screen but doesn’t noticeably affect battery life, based on our testing. While it might not be a huge leap from the 13 Pro model, if you’ve been using a phone that’s three or four years old, this iPhone will feel like it’s lightyears ahead into the future.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – The phone with everything

Overpowered Battery Life Slow 45W charging
exceptionally fastHuge Objects
Nicest cameras Poor front cameras
Premium quality

If you want to buy the best smartphone today that have all the best features, whether if you are planning for gaming or for any other purpose, this phone can be the best option for you. Its a big smartphone, slightly expensive but possibly this phone have all the features you will want in the smartphone till date with exceptionally good camera quality. This phone offers good triple cameras, very good battery life that lasts well over a day, performance as fast as any rival phone, and of course, the now-unique S-Pen stylus tucked away in the phone for when you need it.

Back cameras of this masterpiece if of 200MP. Image quality is slighly saturated than real life but that all right in our opinion. I feel little shame right now because the front camera might not be what you will be expecting.

OnePlus 11 – Best value flagship phone

Image from- Google | Image by- OnePlus
Overpowered Battery Life No wireless charging
exceptionally fastNo fully waterproof
Nicest cameras
Five years of software support
Competitive price

The OnePlus 11 strikes a great balance by offering a fully-featured premium smartphone at an excellent price of $699/£729/€849. It only lacks wireless charging and full waterproofing, which is more of a downside for the latter.

If you’re okay without those features, you’ll have a phone that covers everything else you’d want: super fast performance, a fantastic display, impressive cameras including a strong 50MP main lens, and a promise of four years of Android updates and five years of security updates. Only Samsung and Fairphone match this level of support in the Android world (iPhones have the longest software support at over five years).

Despite its 6.7-inch screen, the OnePlus 11 remains slim and sleek, unlike other large phones. It comes in a glossy green model or a black version with a smooth, almost silk-like back glass. The latter doesn’t attract fingerprints but can be a bit slippery.

As long as you’re okay with the slightly altered newer version of OxygenOS that sometimes changes things in Android just for the sake of change, the OnePlus 11 offers a fantastic phone at a price that ensures you’ll get your money’s worth, especially if you can make it last for five years.

Google Pixel 7a – Best value phone

Image from- Google | image by- Widecare
Excellent google serviceSlow charging
exceptionally fastUnreliable wireless charging
Nicest cameras Not as fast as google pixel 7
Water resistant Only 90Hz display

The Google Pixel 7a builds upon the strengths of last year’s Pixel 6a, featuring an excellent camera, reliable performance, and extended software support. It enhances the experience with a better 90Hz screen and a more premium design.

Although priced a bit higher at $499/£449/€509, the Pixel 7a still delivers exceptional value. You’re not sacrificing much compared to the pricier $899/£849/€899 Pixel 7 Pro. With a more compact 6.1-inch display, the Pixel 7a is easier to handle and fit in your pocket than many larger phones. It also shares the same Tensor G2 chipset found in the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro.

The standout feature is the outstanding 64MP main camera. It’s hard to find a better phone camera for still photos in this price range, and even among higher-priced options, it remains exceptional. The Pixel 7a offers playful blue and coral color options, or more classic white and black choices.

Charging is notably slow, and wireless charging performance was inconsistent in our testing. However, if you’re looking for an Android phone with five years of software support, offering solid all-around performance along with an exceptional camera, the Pixel 7a is a great choice.

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